For Employers

There are thousands of organizations with something to offer veterans in transition.


There are many great companies, organizations and nonprofits that are actively hiring veterans. Among them, a common goal where typical business competition does not play such a big role. We’re all focused on building the business while also helping veterans ease transition stress. We want them to have the opportunity to build a career with purpose that leverages all of their valuable experience in the military..

At Skills After Service, we want to work with these companies and organizations toward that greater good. If you have a service that you provide or if you are a decision-maker in a corporation, contact us about working together for the sake of our US veterans.

Department of Labor Toolkit

Dept of Labor Toolkit: Hiring Veterans Source: Employer Guide to Hire Veterans, U.S. Department of LaborVeterans’ Employment & Training It is a good business decision to hire veterans as studies have shown that veterans are more productive...

Tax Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Federal tax benefits may be available to employers that hire veterans under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Employers can receive up to a $9,600 tax credit by hiring a veteran.  Tax credits currently are available for hires in the following categories of...

15 Benefits of Hiring Veterans

At present, there are nearly one million unemployed military veterans across the United States. Many of them are desperate for work — and from an employer’s perspective, the unique qualities veterans possess could make some ideal job candidates. The government has...