BIG NEWS: Our panel session “New Ideas in Education for Transitioning Veterans” was selected for SXSW EDU 2020! #AllInForVeterans We are very excited to feature some of the top voices in leadership, innovation and tech to take on the challenge of transition stress for veterans and their families. The session features Skills After Service Advisory Council members Starr Corbin, Col. Scott Mac Leod (ret) and Jay Niblick with Julie Niehoff facilitating the discussion. Please click to read session info, speaker bios and share the session on your own social media for us.

Session Description
The most common challenge for veterans who transition out of the military into civilian life is transition stress, much of it from an inability to find meaningful work that leverages the service members’ time and experience while in service to the country. Conversely, many employers express concern with limited candidate pools, seeking out quality workers with leadership skills. This panel will look at different ways to solve both issues with good training, tech innovation and growing awareness.

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