Skills After Service is working with a network of partners to create a new tool for veterans and their families making the transition from the military to civilian life. 

The Transition Hub is a state-by-state field guide for veterans and their families with links to key resources, training & tools all in one simple portal, so vets can forge a new path forward with meaningful work and career opportunities that leverage the valuable experience and leadership skills they earned while serving our nation.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here,” says Founder, CJ Niehoff. “This new tool is meant to provide a single-source hub of information, bringing together all of the great organizations, services and offerings that are out there for those leaving the life of a servicemember.” Skills After Service is getting help from nonprofit partner, Transition Skills Training to fund development and ongoing maintenance of the hub.

Our goal is to make it easier for veterans and their family members to find what they need to find a job, get an education, establish their new home and to make friends and begin to build a new network. Life in the military comes with many questions already answered, but once you leave those questions need to be answered. Right now, it’s not easy to sort all of that out. We’re hoping to change that process so that our heroes can dig in and build a life that makes good use of their time spent in service to the country.

The Transition Hub will be a web portal along with a series of city-based apps so that a soldier moving back home or to a new town can download the app and find what they need to get settled, claim their benefits, start school, get a job, meet new people and more. For a quick preview, click here. This is a work in progress and will continue to change and grow.


Click to preview the Transition Hub

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