What We Do

Skills After Service creates training and curriculum programs specifically designed for veterans and their families, to help build on the skills and experience gained while serving in the military. Our course materials are simple, practical and get straight to the point. We build educational programs using a variety or platforms and learning methods:

  • Live, In-Person Classes
  • Virtual and Self-Directed or On-Demand
  • Edu-tainment (Podcasting, Documentaries, Audio Books)
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Train The Trainer Programs

Methods That Work

People are different, they do not all take in information at the same rate, using the same method or mode of learning. For that reason, we work in a variety of options for accessing our curriculum so that veterans and their family members are able to make time in their busy lives to gain new insight or important skills for moving forward.

  • Online classes that are available 24/7, any time of day or night
  • Our virtual courses can be stopped/started with reminders to come back¬†
  • We use video, audio and interactive designs to convey information that bends to a learner’s interests and availabilty
  • We deploy companion eBooks and audio books so people can listen while they do chores or workout, or read their course on a beach or while traveling for work
  • We have XR capabilities to bring lessons to life in a virtual reality setting that can be customized depending on the skills training needed
  • We have simple testing options with check-in quizes, official and secure testing, assignment grading tools and even live interaction with a coach or mentor
  • We can provide live, in-person training or online – whatever works, we do it
  • We make sure that our educational materials are easy to translate and accessible for people with hearing or visual disabilities. This is an inclusive service.


Topics That Matter

We build classes and course materials that get to the point with practical, usable instructions. We don’t just explain how to think about or approach a topic, we provide tools and simple step-by-step instructions in order to make immediate use of the information provided.

  • Job Readiness Training
  • Adjusting to the Civilian Workplace
  • Understanding What To Expect When You Transition
  • Family and Friendships – Managing Relationships After Service
  • Custom Job Skills and Certificate Training


Experienced, Impactful Instructors

Our instructors and content developers understand the audience. When we facilitate a live class, we send the best of the best. People with personal experience They have decades of experience in connecting with people while teaching a given topic, to make those critical connections and to build confidence. 


Custom Solutions

While our existing curriculum can be tailored to your specific needs or interests, sometimes we have a client with very unique materials or training required. In that case, we will work with you to design a custom training solution that will help you meet your goals and empower your team to reach theirs. And, we can white-label any of our programs, should the need arise to present our materials under your own brand.