We are excited to share news of a growing partnership with the Local Business Institute to bring our soft skills courses to more veterans and their families across the country.

For the past two years, the SAS team has been developing a comprehensive skills training course for veterans and their families who are making the shift from military service to civilian life. But the changes affecting many households because of the COVID pandemic, more people – not just veterans – are experiencing the woes of transition stress. Soft skills are one way out of the struggle and we’re excited to have the chance to bring our training curriculum to many more people in coming months.

Today we are announcing that we have a partnership in place to provide our soft skills training content for two pilot programs, one in central Texas and another in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ll have thousands of veterans, small business owners, job seekers and people experiencing difficulties with any kind of transition taking our classes in coming months.  Our work with the Local Business Institute is bringing us into a whole different set of conversations. Our content has now been accepted by the Texas Workforce Commission, Workforce Solutions, The Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development & Tourism, and the American Independent Business Alliance. We’ll start in the two pilot regions, expand across the state of Texas and move across the country with the course over the next 12-18 months.

It’s an ambitious plan for production and development but our team is ready and we’re coordinating with an amazing group of organizations to help carry some of the load. We will be providing updates over coming weeks and months, it’s been a long year for everyone and we have just kept our heads down, feet moving forward and trying to keep things going in the right direction in spite of the crazy times.
Today we are a lot closer to having the kind of impact we’ve been working toward, with so many people gaining access to these helpful, practical tools.

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