Dept of Labor Toolkit: Hiring Veterans

Source: Employer Guide to Hire Veterans, U.S. Department of Labor
Veterans’ Employment & Training Service

It is a good business decision to hire veterans as studies have shown that veterans are more productive and have higher retention rates. A quick search of the internet will show several articles from Forbes, Wall Street Journal and recognized business leaders who advocate the good business practice of hiring veterans.

Some common themes from these articles are the description of attributes and characteristics of veterans as seen by their employers:

  • Proven Leadership/Leadership readiness
  • Mission Focused – get the job done
  • Team Players who are used to working with a diverse team
  • Accelerated learning curve / quick learners / immediate contributor
  • Work Ethic
  • Works well under pressure
  • Creative initiative
  • Integrity

Some additional attributes include:

Technical Skills– military experience exposes individuals to advanced
technology and technical training

Change management – cognitive and decision making research has
demonstrated military experience is correlated to the ability to accurately evaluate
a dynamic decision environment

Loyalty – military institutions are adept at institutional socialization and as a
result there is a strong linkage. Low Turnover rate which can equate to higher
ROI for the business.

Diversity – veterans are skilled at operating across cultural and international

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) published this titled brief which draws from academic literature to suggest a robust, specific and compelling business case for hiring individuals with military background and experience. The report details the results of a
comprehensive review of academic literature from the fields of business, psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior positioned to illustrate the foundational elements around which employers can formulate a research-informed logic for recruiting and developing military
4 veterans in the civilian workforce. The business case is based on 10 research-informed propositions on the value of a veteran in a competitive business environment.

Read the brief at the following site:

Employers must first review your organizational requirements- Set hiring goals, and make a commitment build a veteran hiring plan/program
Number of positions, job functions, competencies, certifications, educational level and skills of Veterans as well as their spouses required?

  • Location(s)?
  • Timeline?
  • What is the business case? Why veterans?
  • What is your strategy?

The leadership may want to implement a veteran hiring initiative, but it is essential that HR, talent acquisition and the hiring managers are aware of the initiative and actively support. Does the employer know how many veterans they have currently employed? The best veteran recruiters are veteran employees. Get your veteran employees involved in the initiative. Share success stories of current veterans who are employed by your company.

This online step-by-step toolkit was designed to assist and educate employers who have made the proactive decision to include
Transitioning Service Members (TSMs) Veterans in their recruitment and hiring initiatives.Whether you are looking to create a plan from scratch or retool existing efforts, we encourage you to reference this on-line guide and design an initiative that works for you.

There are links with detailed information and resources to assist you in the following recommended steps to hiring veterans:
Step 1 — Design a Strategy for Your Veterans Hiring Program
Step 2 — Create a Welcoming and Educated Workplace for Veterans
Step 3 — Actively Recruit Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Military Spouses
Step 4 — Hire Qualified Veterans / Learn how to Accommodate Wounded Warriors
Step 5 — Promote an Inclusive Workplace to Retain Your Veteran Employees
Step 6 — Keep Helpful Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips

The U.S. Department of Labor recognizes that employers can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the plethora of Veteran hiring resources available to them. So, this Toolkit was developed to simplify the process and put many valuable resources and websites at your fingertips. It serves to pinpoint helpful tools and outline some important steps to take when designing a veterans hiring initiative that works for your particular business. Recognizing that each employer is unique, this guide allows you to select from promising practices and other resources that employers are using to successfully welcome talented and skilled veterans into their companies.

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