Veteran Marine Colleen Shuster shares her experience leaving the military

Source: ACI Benefits – Transitioning from the military to civilian life and into the workforce can be challenging for veterans. ACI Account Manager and Veteran Marine Colleen Shuster shares her experience leaving the military. This transition also has an impact on family members, and with his kids in the military, SVP of Marketing/IT Tim Mutrie understands those challenges. ACI is honored to support veterans, active duty service members and military families with a wide range of EAP, work-life and total well-being resources, including ACI’s Veteran Connection:

Sebastian Junger: Why veterans miss war

Source: TED Talks – Civilians don’t miss war. But soldiers often do. Journalist Sebastian Junger shares his experience embedded with American soldiers at Restrepo, an outpost in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley that saw heavy combat. Giving a look at the “altered state of mind” that comes with war, he shows how combat gives soldiers an intense experience of connection. In the end, could it actually be “the opposite of war” that soldiers miss?

Soldier to Small Business Owner

Source: Florida State – Former U.S. Marine Ryan Moran struggled to survive in the civilian world, choosing a second deployment over a 9-to-5 job. Then he discovered the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities at Florida State University, and with that the strength and passion to redefine himself and his future.Source: CRF USA

Success Story: Rags of Honor

Source: Amazon Business – Stories of Entrepreneurship is a new series focusing on companies owned by women, veterans, and registered small businesses. In this video learn how Rags of Honor is growing their veteran owned business on the B2B Marketplace.