3 Keys to Success for Transition to Civilian Life:

A Sense of Purpose, Real Connections & A Place to Call Home

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Vet-owned businesses pulling through COVID-crisis

Vet-owned businesses pulling through COVID-crisis

This article was in the Colorado Springs Business Journal - they quoted our Director, CJ Niehoff Veterans who own small businesses appear to be making more progress towards recovery than their peers, according to a new poll from Alignable, a small business referral...

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We’re Building The Transition Hub

Skills After Service is working with a network of partners to create a new tool for veterans and their families making the transition from the military to civilian life.  The Transition Hub is a state-by-state field guide for veterans and their families with links to...

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Do you really want to thank veterans for their service?

Do you really want to thank veterans for their service?

Want to Know How You Can Really Thank Veterans for Their Service?We all feel good when we see our soldiers and veterans treated with respect and appreciation - we see it at airports, in restaurants and once in a while, just as part of every day life. And it's nice,...

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Veterans deserve the chance to look forward to a bright future.

We’re on a mission to empower veterans with new skills, language and planning tools to leverage their military service, building a new career path that makes good use of their time and experience.

We’re also focused on educating HR leaders and hiring teams
, to inspire changes in recruiting and management, helping them tap into this often overlooked workforce with valuable skills and leadership qualities that are directly aligned with company goals.

Two thirds of all US veterans report some difficulties with Transition Stress.
We know the power of meaningful work in helping to combat that by building connections, providing a sense of direction and anchoring us to our families and communities.


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Help Veterans & Their Spouses Get Training 

We are partnered with Transition Skills Training, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides scholarships for veterans and their spouses to attend educational events, including our Local Biz Camps. Donations made here will pay for veterans to come to camp and for skills training tailored to their specific interests and experience.







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